ClubKnowledge Popup Interviews

Popup InterviewsAre you in a band or perhaps a solo musician? We have created a mobile friendly version of our famous virtual interviewer! As an added value to it, there is now a chance for you to get extra exposure via Indie Music Bus. The best interviews will receive features on the IMB network of over 75,000 or possibly even more! Want to get started? Do an interview now!

Welcome to ClubKnowledge

Welcome to the new ClubKnowledge. We want to thank everyone for the many years people have spent working to help others in the car audio scene. We have saved all the content and will be making a download available of the car audio archives.

The Car Audio archives are now in the same place as they were before and we have installed a forum if you have unfinished Q&A.

Note: It will be at least a week before we get the site up to par for the new content.